Trierenberg Super Circuit – 2nd Try

So! It’s just about time. Today I got the entry form for the anual Trierenberg Super Circuit. I’m exited and looking forward to this challenge. Last year I participated for the first time and I was satisfied with the outcome. I decided on a very short notice to take part, so I was happy that 2 of my photos were accepted. So I’ll definitely take more shots in the near future and think about which category might be the right one for my pics.  I think, I’ll give it a try with 3 categories. At least I’m interested in the following ones:

  • Night images and artificial light
  • Nature
  • Phototravel
  • Landscape
  • Seasons
  • Sunrise-Sunset
  • My best holiday images
  • Nature and environment
  • Arab photography

To many categories! I need to browse my photo-collection and think about in which category my best pics might fit into…

I know, I’m a quite ambitious who loves challenges and isn’t satisfied with the results too often ^_^;. My next goal for the Super Circuit is to get one of my photos into the catalogue. Don’t know, if it happens this year – let’s see. If not, it challenges more for the upcoming years. I don’t quit that early ;-). I’d love to send some photos for the category „Portrait“, but there’s still a long way ahead of me. Maybe I should try to gain some experience by taking pictures of some friends. I coudl ask a friend of mine, who is into cosplay. That might bring some interesting photos… Let’s see ^_^.

So I’ll try to get inspired and carry my camera with me more often. But I should buy an new camera-bag before that. I need one to carry my Canon 450 D with an additional lens. It shouldn’t be too big and I need to get hold of my camera as fast as possible. If you have a good advice for me: please tell me :-).

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