Give me my camera!

Yes! I did it once again^_^. My camera managed her way out of it’s packing case. Yay me 😉

I used the massive snow and free time between the years to test my camera once more. I produced a lot of not usable pics, due to the fact that I tried to use no flash light. I still need to learn more about camera… I have to say, that I like the outcome and I will use the flash less in the future – even if it takes more time to get the final photo. Practice makes perfect. I also did some portraits, but this is a really difficult area. I really need to learn more about this topic ^_^;. Maybe I’ll try a photo session with a friend of mine.

OK – I’m too tired to wright a lot. I didn’t sleep enough the whole week, because I’m still on holiday-mode. Means, I did go to sleep at 1 up to 2 am >_<.  In German I’d say, that I’m a night hawk…

Enough talking. Here my photos – I hope you like them.

Glass of Wine
Tanne im Winter
Fir in winter
Bottles of Wine
Laterne im Schnee
Laterne in the snow
Low Key
Low Key

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