My result at the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2010

OK! I received my  report-card for the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2010 on last week`s friday – and I am really pleased with the outcome:

I submitted 8 photographs for 2 categories. In the end these photos got 4 out of 20 possible acceptances (is that the right word?). The picture „Moschee in Dubai“ got accepted from 3 out of 4 salons in the category „Travel“.

Moschee in Dubai

In the category „Sights and Architecture“ you could only get one acceptance per photo. My photo that got accepted is the picture of the cityhall in Tokyo:

Rathaus Tokyo

Quite fascinating how pictures get evaluated in a competition. I liked the photos of the clams, the trainstation and the waterfall the most and thought that they had better chances to get accepted. This way, it`s interesting to see what kind of expectations a jury has ^_^. I try to make the best out of that experience and try to achieve a similiar or even better result at the upcoming competition (Al-Thani Award).

Now I have to wait for the picture-book of the competition, that should be coming to my place  in july. I can`t wait to see the selection of the best photographs.

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