Trierenberg Super Circuit 2010

This year I dared to participate in the Trierenberg Super Circuit – the worlds biggest annual international photo competition. I handed in 8 photos for the categories „Travel“ and „Architecture and Sights“

A dream would come true, if I could win in a category – but I know, I’m far far away from that goal. However I work hard on improving ^_^. Yes, I’m really ambitious and love competitions. The attendance fee was about 45 Euro. Quite some money some of you might say, but it’s definitely worth it: you receive a personal copy of the printed book with more than 1000 of the best pictures in it. Yesterday the winners for 2010 have been announced and the report-cards for every participant were sent. I keep eagerly waiting for my card and hope that my pictures have been accepted and that I can be satisfied with the result.

For all interested people, here are the photos that I handed in:

Trainstation in Japan

Desert near Dubai

Clams at the beach in Dubai

Temple in Kyoto

Nihonji Daibutsu

City Hall Tokyo

Waterfall in the Dubai Mall

Mosque in Dubai

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