Painter’s block? Read this.

Once again, I stumbled across a really interessting blog about drawing and inspiration. I thought it is really nice and I will read more of the articles. I certainly experienced the described problems about not moving forwards with your hobby. You really want to draw, but your perfectionism, the lack of spare time and motivation holds you back. Michael Nobbs writes about how to get back that motivation. Don’t stress yourself, because somebody else is so much more talented than you. It doesn’t matter – just start and enjoy drawing itself.

On his blog you can download a free e-book – and it’s 2 books in 1: Start to draw your life and 75 ways to draw more. If you think, you should find again that motivation to draw, this guide is for you. Nobbs wrights in a short, colorfull and amusing way, how to bring back that piece of creativity to your life.

So, grab your sketchbook, pencil and ink and let’s get started ^_^
Btw, I carry my sketchbook with me all the time. This way I can use some idle time to draw and relax.

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