Welcome to Mad as a Hatter

Ok, I’ve been drowning in work lately and my PC didn’t like me that much, so I decided to just start this Blog and postpone the new design. So here we go:

First of all hello and welcome to Mad as a Hatter.
I am happy, that you stumbled across my website and that you are browsing my posts (I hope so  ^_^). What can you expect here in the future? Well – I am a 29 year old Computer-Scientist and obviously addicted to the internet. But this Blog isn’t going to deal with all these computational or technical things around me. Nope. Furthermore it should give space to my second passion: my creative hobbies. In my spare time I enjoy things like photography, digital image editing, painting, fashion and other creative hobbies. Moreover I passsionately follow different Blogs and don’t want to remain a silent reader – I want to dive into the blogosphere and take an active part in it. Besides I want to get inspired and explore new projects. The wonderful thing about creativity is, once you started to use it, the more it seems to grow.

I’d like to share my creativity with you – let you have a peek in my personal wonderland. There’s a mad hatter in all of us, you just have to release him ^_^.

So far so good, I hope I intrigued you a little bit. I’m looking forward to an exchange of ideas. Ah – btw, on About me you can find more information and pictures of me. It’s always nice to picture who’s thoughts you are reading right now ;-).

Best regards,

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